February 1, 2015

Makala Remix | GCMN presents RE:MIXES Womex ́14 Album Compilation


Global Club Music Network presents RE:MIXES Womex  ́14 – Santiago de Compostela

The rapidly expanding Global Music Network (GCMN) is a worldwide collective consisting of professionals committed to presenting forms of (live) electronic dance music, rooted within the rich sounds of the globe. GCMN and WOMEX join forces to create a new outlet for showcasing artists. This year eight DJs and producers remix tracks for dance floors and give roots a fresh twist.

After successfully launching a remix EP of five WOMEX showcasing artists from Cardiff ’13, our producers are topping last year, with total eight crispy fresh tracks!

In honor of this year’s host country Spain, we’ve included a traditional Basque song with Galician elements, a flamenco fusion group, plus two of our Spain based producers share their talent.

Please enjoy the versatility this selection has to offer, based on the plentiful music presented at the conference in Santiago de Compostela October ’14.

We invite you to explore and share our second “Re:mixes” album: Head bobbing tunes and fine flowing tracks by GCMN’s experts!

01. Oum – Lik (Mashti & Polyesta Remix) 05:50
02. La Chiva Gantiva – Para Arriba (David Miret Remix) 05:28
03. Korrontzi – Sardos-K (Makala Remix) 04:55
04. La Yegros – Solo (Kosta Kostov Remix) 04:31
05. Calima – Minué (Gnotes & Canyonazo Remix) 04:28
06. Otava Yo – Kamarinskaya (Boris Viande Remix) 02:42
07. Noreum Machi – NoreumMachi Sinawi (Sound Culture’s Future Rootz Rmx) 04:11
08. Sékouba Bambino – Tanamako (Baru Remix) 07:49

Listen to the original tracks on virtualWomex: